How Does Carpet Cleaning Impact Indoor Air?

Are you aware that your commercial business’ carpets can present a fairly significant indoor air quality issue? Read along with the team at Clean MD while we detail the complications caused by carpets, and how you can find your ideal solution through routine professional carpet cleaning.

Carpets Quickly Become a Hotbed for Dust, Pollen & Mold Spores

Most people spend 80-90% of their day indoors. And indoor air, as has been proven time and time again, is rife with allergens and air pollutants that can constrict healthy breathing and lead to considerable health complications. And of all the contributors that reduce the quality of indoor air, inadequate cleaning ranks as one of the top five.

This is a particularly concerning issue when you consider that most businesses use carpets in half or more of the floor space in their buildings. Why is this a problem? Because carpets, like most fabrics, readily hold onto nearly every single speck of dirt and dust they encounter. This rapidly converts your carpeted flooring into a hotbed of pollution, which has a demonstrable impact on the air quality of your business.

How Does Poor Air Quality Negatively Impact Business?

Just a bit of dust, what’s the harm? The harm is actually fairly noteworthy—and measurable. Poor air quality is linked with a wide range of health complications, including:

  • Coughing, sneezing, and respiratory complications
  • Headaches and feelings of lethargy
  • Increased allergy symptoms
  • Negative impacts on mental health

Beyond the health issues, there’s the actual structure of your business to think of as well. An excessive presence of mold spores and dust can constrict healthy air flow in your heating and cooling systems, reducing efficiency. And if the problem becomes widespread enough, it can even cause complications with office equipment, tools, and lights, necessitating costly and time consuming repairs and maintenance.

Routine Carpet Cleaning Improve Air Quality

With an emphasis on the word “routine.” The interesting point to be made in all of this is that most air quality specialists actually consider carpets more boon than burden, as they trap pollutants rather than loosely hold them like a hard surface does. This can mean they pull double duty as a way to keep air quality under control within your business.

However, this point assumes the carpets are cleaned on a consistent basis, and with the right tools. Within a week, a carpet can go from helpful to harmful, so keeping up with cleaning is absolutely vital to the health of clients and employees—even to your business as a whole.

This is where scheduling professional carpet cleaning shows its merit. Many businesses cannot devote the time and attention, or in many cases, even the funding for proper equipment (a run of the mill vacuum isn’t going to cut it for a commercial business). And so the ideal solution comes to light: hire specialists to handle your clean carpet needs.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Buffalo, NY

Our teams have been assisting businesses and commercial clients in upstate New York for years, and we offer comprehensive solutions that help you attain the clean and safe business you and your clients deserve.

Call (716) 671-8068 to make an appointment for professional carpet cleaning in Buffalo or greater Erie County today!

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