Case Study: Making a Safe Work Environment for Steuben Foods

Like most industries, manufacturing has experienced its challenges in dealing with COVID-19. For the last few months, Clean MD has been working with our customer, Steuben Foods, to keep their facilities as clean and safe as possible.

Steuben Foods, located in Elma, NY, is a food and beverage manufacturer that specializes in aseptic (or shelf-stable) packaging. Being that their mission is to do “things that help people have better lives,” it should be no surprise that they wanted the highest level of cleaning and disinfecting for their workforce.

Putting a plan in place.

Since Steuben Foods has three buildings at their headquarters – two for offices and one for production – it was important to come up with an appropriate plan for each one.

After evaluating the buildings’ specific needs and high touchpoints, we recommended a custom cleaning schedule that supplemented their in-house cleaning team. To adhere to New York State guidelines, we also created a daily log for our Cleaning Technicians and Steuben Food’s staff to record cleaning activity.

The best tools and technology for the job.

For extra protection and peace of mind, we’ve provided Steuben Foods with a variety of professional-grade equipment and services, including:

  • An efficient dilution center that mixes chemicals and water, then dispenses the cleaning solution at the proper ratio
  • Disinfectant products that are approved on the EPA’s List N
  • Electrostatic spraying and disinfecting, performed on a monthly schedule by our experience Cleaning Technicians

Great results.

We continue to work with Steuben Foods to enhance their cleaning and disinfecting protocols. To date, Steuben Foods has yet to have any disruptions or stoppages due to COVID-19, and the company continues to grow during these unprecedented times.

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