Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) – Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility

Medical Grade Cleaning Services!

Because we are fully compliant with OSHA standards, our staff will provide top-notch cleaning services to your medical building or essential business facility in the Buffalo or Western New York area. We understand that complex buildings may need a customized cleaning schedule, so we will work with you to plan the perfect cleaning program to fit the needs of your facility.

There’s no doubt about it—professional cleaning services can make a vital difference in the functionality of your facility. If your cleaning company is not providing medical grade services during these times, the chances for cross-contamination are high. Additionally, your facility is a reflection of your brand and reputation. Whether family members of a patient are sitting in a waiting room or a patient is receiving medical care in a room, you want the environment to be as comfortable as possible.

By partnering with a team that takes infection control seriously and practices thorough cleaning procedures, you can have peace of mind that your facility will be an optimal place for both patients and employees.


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