ISO 9 standard cleaning services.

What Are ISO Cleanroom Standards?

ISO standards explained.

In the simplest terms, cleanrooms are classified by the cleanliness of the air. After all, controlling contamination is vital in many manufacturing and research settings.

In a variety of different industries (pharmaceutical, manufacturing, aerospace, etc.), having a controlled and classified cleanroom is extremely important—without effective control, contamination can cause irreversible damage to both products and processes.

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization (JCHAO) is an independent organization that has been setting healthcare standards, including the ISO classes.

Recently, the International Standard Organization (ISO) revised the standards for such spaces in order to continue to keep risk of contamination low.

These standards include taking into account both newer technological developments and market requirements.

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If your commercial facility is for an industry that needs premium air quality levels and top methods to find and eliminate contaminants present in the air, ISO 9 cleaning standards are in line with what you need.

ISO 9 can clean the room air in facilities that need it most. After all, contaminated air can have irreversible damage in both the healthcare and manufacturing industries.

This impacts facilities that need particular cleanliness based on the number of airborne particles of a certain size per cubic meter. These particles include:

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microfiber cloths used in cleaning

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There’s no doubt about it—putting top cleaning procedures in place for your facility is extremely important. Call the team at Clean MD to make sure your facility is up to ISO 9 standards and is a safe, clean place for your procedures, products, or manufacturing systems.

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Commercial Cleaning Services near Buffalo New York
Commercial Cleaning Services near Buffalo New York
Commercial Cleaning Services near Buffalo New York

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