Snow Thawing – Flood Damage Cleanup Services

Flood Damage Cleanup Services – Snow thawing and flooding in Buffalo and Western New York can cause serious damage to a building. Contact CleanMD commercial cleaning to help eliminate the water, remove any damaged contents, and to start the restoration process.

Flood Damage Cleanup Services in Buffalo & Upstate New York
At Clean MD we can help you clean up your business after a major flooding event. Some of the services we offer include:

Water removal: Removal of standing water with commercial vacuums, absorbent materials and other tools.
Debris removal: Disposal of damaged building materials, furniture, clothes, electronics, and personal items.
Drying: Removal of remaining moisture with commercial fans and other equipment.
Cleaning: Washing and sanitizing of affected surfaces, including floors, carpets, furniture, counters, and appliances.
Content restoration: Removal and repair of any salvageable items through our content restoration service.

Once we are done, your building will be ready for more extensive repairs, like replacing damaged drywall or framing, painting and refinishing floors. We can customize the available services to your needs and your budget, and add other services as necessary, such as floor refinishing or window cleaning.

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