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Water Removal for Frozen & Broken Pipes

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Buildings in the Buffalo area are at particular risk for broken pipes due to freezing because of our cold winters, but pipes can burst for a variety of reasons—one of the most common being age and neglect.

When pipes have been in use in a building for years without maintenance or repair, the pressure put on them can cause damage over time. Combine small cracks and deterioration with rust, and you’ve got a pipe that’s ready to burst.

Risk factors.

While more common in older buildings, any business stands at risk of broken pipes without adequate maintenance and preparation for cold weather.

Freezing is caused by prolonged cold temperatures affecting poorly insulated pipes, and bursting occurs when pressure builds between your faucet and the frozen pipe.

Prepare your commercial building before the chill sets in by preparing your pipes for the winter season and having them inspected regularly by a commercial plumber.

Pipes at risk for freezing and bursting include:

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Commercial Cleaning Services near Buffalo New York
Commercial Cleaning Services near Buffalo New York
Commercial Cleaning Services near Buffalo New York

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