Disinfecting Services

Using cutting-edge technology and EPA-approved disinfectants, we provide the best protection and full compliance with health guidelines.

Electrostatic Spraying & Disinfecting

How it Works.

Electrostatic spraying is state-of-the-art technology that effectively and efficiently applies cleaning solution to a variety of hard surfaces. The sprayer adds a positive charge to the cleaning solution before exiting the nozzle as a fine mist. These charged droplets are attracted and stick to indoor surfaces (which are negatively charged) – allowing electrostatic spraying to disinfect both high-touch and hard-to-reach areas.

An all-in-one approach.

Electrostatic spraying can be used with a wide range of disinfectants, sanitizers, and mold preventatives. The combination of our electrostatic spraying equipment and chemical treatments provides the highest level of protection.

Where it can be used.

Electrostatic spraying is a powerful tool that can be used in virtually any type or sized facility.

  • Corporate offices
  • Medical and healthcare facilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Schools and universities
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Gyms and sport facilities
  • Clean rooms
  • Research and development facilities


Benefits of Electrostatic Spraying

Electrostatic spraying is ideal for disinfecting because it is faster, easier, and more effective than “conventional” disinfecting methods such as spray bottles and wipes.

+ Saves time

– Up to 50% faster
than other approaches

+ Uniform chemical application

– Effective and consistent disinfecting

+ 360° coverage

– Positively charged droplets wrap around 3D surfaces

+ Touchless process

– Avoids cross-contamination from wiping multiple surfaces

+ Minimizes disinfectant overuse and waste

– Reduces costs and chemical exposure

Deep Cleaning & Disinfecting

Comprehensive protection.

Deep cleaning is a more extensive, technical, and time-consuming approach than regular cleanings or janitorial services. We follow the latest health and safety protocols to disinfect surfaces that could contribute to health risks.

It starts with a plan.

Our deep cleaning service begins with an on-site evaluation, so we have a thorough understanding of your facility and usage. From there, we create an individualized disinfecting plan for your organization. We can also provide guidance to your internal team and develop a cleaning and disinfecting log to track activity.

What’s included.

While every cleaning program is customized, deep cleaning service typically includes:

  • Cleaning surfaces before applying disinfectants
  • Hand-wiping high-touch surfaces with an EPA N List disinfectant
  • Use of microfiber cloths with a color-coding system to avoid cross contamination
  • Deep cleaning of floors using applicable floor equipment and disinfectant solution
  • Wiping and dusting of high and low areas
  • Use of proper PPE, when required


Cleaning Certifications

We’re proud to hold the following certifications that demonstrate our extensive knowledge of health and safety regulations, infection control techniques, specialized cleaning procedures, and more.

Customized services based on your needs, timing and budget

Industry-leading certifications

Professional cleaning technicians

Fully licensed, insured, and bonded

Compliant with local, state, and
federal regulations


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