Frequently asked questions.

Commercial cleaning can be a very technical and time-consuming endeavor. At Clean MD, we’re happy to provide information and guidance to our clients, in addition to professional, convenient cleaning services. Below are some of the most common cleaning questions we receive. For more expertise and helpful tips, be sure to follow us on social media.

Who will clean my facility?

Clean MD employees undergo background checks and extensive training before setting foot in your commercial space. We are also fully insured and bonded. Our team takes pride in providing the best cleaning services possible for your facility.

What does basic cleaning include?
Depending on your commercial space’s needs, our cleaning services will typically include dusting and wiping, vacuuming, mopping, bathroom cleaning, trash removal, and more. We can also provide specific protocols for different types of facilities.
Do all commercial facilities need regular cleaning?
According to the CDC, daily cleaning is required for all facilities and businesses that are open and operating. We can determine a cost-efficient plan to help your business enjoy a more professional and cleaner environment while following proper guidelines and mandates.
What commercial facilities do you service?

Our team can provide professional cleaning services for offices, medical facilities, manufacturing, apartment complexes, schools, churches, call centers, post-construction situations, and more. We also specialize in fire and water damage restoration services.

What is cross-contamination?
Cross-contamination is the process by which bacteria or other microorganisms are unintentionally transferred from one substance or object to another, with harmful effects. For example, if you used a mop to clean a restroom, then used that same mop in the kitchen without cleaning it, you could accidentally transport germs into the kitchen. It’s important to hire a cleaning company that is aware of the dangers of cross-contamination.

What are hospital-grade disinfectants?
Hospital-grade disinfectants kill three types of germs (Staph, Salmonella, and Pseudomonas) that standard disinfectants can’t. At Clean MD, we believe all our clients deserve this germ-fighting protection and include hospital-grade products in our cleaning plans.

What are hospital-grade disinfectants?
The EPA published N List that includes all products proven to kill the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) when used according to label directions. EPA N List Information

How do I clean smoke damage from a fire?
If your commercial building experiences a fire, your property will likely suffer from both fire damage and water damage from firefighting efforts. As a commercial cleaning company with restoration expertise, we can help you return your building to its prior condition by removing the smoke odor, deep cleaning soot, and restoring any damaged areas.

What areas do you serve?

Clean MD offers service throughout Western New York, including the cities of Buffalo and Rochester as well as their surrounding areas. If your business is in any of the following locations, call us for professional cleaning.