Hospital-grade disinfectants.

What is a hospital-grade disinfectant?

Here's the scoop.

Hospital-grade disinfectants are used extensively in doctors’ offices, hospitals, dentists’ offices, medical clinics, and other medical facilities to eliminate dangerous bacteria and viruses from critical surfaces that come into contact with both patients and doctors.

To be considered a hospital-grade disinfectant, the active ingredients of the cleaner must be certified by the EPA to be effective against:

These cleaners pack a punch.

Many cleaners are also effective against other microorganisms that are commonly found in medical facilities, including:

Commercial Cleaning Services: Deep Cleaning in Buffalo New York
microfiber cloths used in cleaning

Our unique approach.

One of our top priorities at Clean MD is creating a safe, healthy environment for all of our clients, as well as their customers and employees.

As part of that principal, we use hospital-grade disinfectants on nearly all surfaces that employees, patients, or customers may come into contact with, including:

The Clean MD Difference

We take tremendous pride in our work and strive to be the most trusted commercial cleaning company in the Buffalo and Rochester, New York areas.

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Commercial Cleaning Services near Buffalo New York
Commercial Cleaning Services near Buffalo New York
Commercial Cleaning Services near Buffalo New York

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